TSA Humor?

                                 Government sanctioned humor on display...

                                 Government sanctioned humor on display...

With the tough job that the Transportation Security Administration has on their hands, and their (mostly deserved) reputation, imagine my surprise recently at the Milwaukee Airport just after going through security.  As I was putting my shoes back on, rethreading my belt, and stuffing the change back in my pockets, I happened to look up at a sign near the security area exit.

Knowing that many folks dread going through the security routine at any time, it was with a bit of satisfaction and yes, amusement, that I noticed the sign above it all..."Recombobulation Area".

I suppose this is because everyone had just become "Discombobulated" while going through the mill, so it only seemed appropriate that there be a "Recombobulation Area".

Of course, I asked for and received permission to photograph the sign.  Although not a State Secret, it never hurts to ask these days.

It took me a few minutes to quit laughing...and I think the TSA folks actually enjoyed watching our reaction too.

Who knew that the TSA has a sense of humor?